9 May 2013

Can Antibiotics Cure Work-Related Lower Back Pain?

Hi folks,

Danish studies of 162 adults have revealed that a specific type of chronic lower back pain (approx 40% off all chronic lower back pain cases) can be significantly treated with a series of antibiotics.

Which type? 
Pain caused by vertebrae swelling (caused by disease related-changes / infection in an area concerning a previously slipped disc) & it can only be detected by MRI scan.

Is this useful to us? 
If you have suffered a slipped disc & are still in pain 6 months later, then quite possibly. Contact your GP, ask them to review your records & consider further investigation / MRI.

Work-related back pain – probably not. Workplace lower back pain is down to being in a sedentary position (lack of movement) causing poor posture & associated muscle, connective tissue, & disc stress. This can only be resolved by;

1)      Reviewing options about the way you work.
2)      Potential ergonomic aids.
3)      A basic biomechanical understanding of the back & related structures & adopting any necessary exercises.

Occupational Fitness specializes in such measures & can boost your company performance by minimizing lower back pain in your workforce. Contact us for more information.



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