29 May 2013

TV Dangerously gets Childhood Obesity Solution WRONG!

Hi folks,

I switched to channel 3 whilst munching my cereal this morning & there was a debate on;  Is childhood obesity is the fault of the parents?

3 mums where interviewed who said that it isn’t their fault that their child is obese, as they can’t control what they buy when away from home. Another reason or possible excuse was that their child had some sort of medical condition that causes fat levels to rise (very few conditions actually cause this). It’s worth mentioning that all these parents where also highly obese, which doesn’t really help their argument.

Then the channel had an ‘expert’ on the couch who said that it is the fault of the parents. She bluntly said that kids need to eat less & exercise more as everything you eat has to be burnt off by exercise!

Is it just me or is this giving off totally the wrong message & being of no help to viewers? Surely it’s the parents duty to teach their child about the right amounts of calories & getting it from real food (un-processed) that your body can use, whilst encouraging an active lifestyle. If we obsess over drastic calorie cutting & over exercising then this is more likely to lead to dangerous childhood eating disorders.

John Cammish, a fellow personal trainer is a fat-loss expert & recently wrote a great article on this called The Calorie Conundrum. Visit his site for more info  

Let me know your thoughts folks,


9 May 2013

Can Antibiotics Cure Work-Related Lower Back Pain?

Hi folks,

Danish studies of 162 adults have revealed that a specific type of chronic lower back pain (approx 40% off all chronic lower back pain cases) can be significantly treated with a series of antibiotics.

Which type? 
Pain caused by vertebrae swelling (caused by disease related-changes / infection in an area concerning a previously slipped disc) & it can only be detected by MRI scan.

Is this useful to us? 
If you have suffered a slipped disc & are still in pain 6 months later, then quite possibly. Contact your GP, ask them to review your records & consider further investigation / MRI.

Work-related back pain – probably not. Workplace lower back pain is down to being in a sedentary position (lack of movement) causing poor posture & associated muscle, connective tissue, & disc stress. This can only be resolved by;

1)      Reviewing options about the way you work.
2)      Potential ergonomic aids.
3)      A basic biomechanical understanding of the back & related structures & adopting any necessary exercises.

Occupational Fitness specializes in such measures & can boost your company performance by minimizing lower back pain in your workforce. Contact us for more information.