12 Nov 2013

Massage in Hull

How good is massage?

Massage is a treatment that involves the warming, compressing, stretching and all round conditioning of the muscle and connective tissue. This is usually performed hands-on by a trained masseuse using a massage couch, towels & oils. The oils help the transfer of heat from the masseuse's hands, help the clients skin become more supple and ease any friction during the massage strokes. Alternative mediums to oil include certain creams and even powders, however most people prefer to work with oils. 

If you're thinking of booking your first massage then it pays to do your home work. Most importantly seek out those that hold an official qualified, fully insured & show references. Try to go for a masseur that operates from a professional set-up (not your home or theirs) this neutral ground will help safeguard you both. All massage techniques stem from Swedish massage but many evolve and every masseuse has their own style so is great to check with your friends and go by recommendations.

When actually attending your massage appointment, you should expect to find a smart room with clean towels / couch roll. You can also expect to fill out a health questionnaire which will give a brief medical back ground and high light anything that the masseuse needs to be aware of. If your treatment requires the removal of clothing (down to underwear level) then your masseuse will leave the room giving you enough time to get changed and place the towels (especially if they are the opposite sex). So about now your ready to enjoy your massage.

If you live in the Hull area and would like a sports massage, relaxation massage or an Indian head massage then contact MassageHull.com and book in. Click on this link below to see a 2 minute video (feel free to 'like' it):

Massage in Hull



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